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What forms do you provide help with?

  • Self-Assessment Tax Return

  • PAYE coding notices

  • VAT returns

  • Capital Gains Tax on UK property account

  • Form CA 38223837 and 8421 if you are going to work in the EU, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Lichtenstein – updated for the new post-Brexit rules

  • Certificate of Residence in the UK

Can I upload documents to clarify my question?

Yes, we can accept up to 4 document uploads at the booking stage. In fact, we may specifically request that you do this when we reply to your initial inquiry. This service is only available once you’ve booked a consultation

What if I realise I have additional questions?

You can add additional questions and detail to your inquiry at the booking stage. Once we have had your consultation, any further.

Once you have completed your consultation, any further queries will need to be addressed in a new consultation.

Can I rely on your advice?

Yes, we are licenced and regulated tax advisors. We are answerable to our membership bodies for the quality of our service and hold indemnity insurance with reputable providers. If for any reason, we believe we not best placed to give you advice on your particular circumstance – we will say so and explain why.

What if I am not happy with the advice you give?

In the first instance we would always ask that you take up your complaint with us – we will do our best to resolve it quickly and satisfactorily. If you are still not satisfied, you are requested to contact our licencing bodies, per our terms and conditions

What if I forget to tell you something?

Well we’re only human so here’s what we can’t do: We can’t read minds! We need you to provide us with all the pertinent information about your tax situation. You can do this by disclosing all the relevant details about your situation when you speak to us. You can also upload documents via our portal. This service is only available once you’ve booked a consultation.

What areas of tax do you not give advice on?

We don’t give you advice on tax credits, benefits or council tax. If you have a query about one of these taxes you may well find you can access support via the following links:

TaxAid - help with a tax problem if HMRC can't sort it out

Home Page - Tax Help for Older People (taxvol.org.uk)

Low Incomes Tax Reform Group | A voice for the unrepresented (litrg.org.uk)

Do you provide tax planning?

No. As a general rule, the requirements of tax planning will be too detailed for our suggested consultation times. In this instance, we suggest you ask us for a referral to one of our partner tax and accountancy firms.

Can you advise on NON-UK tax issues?

No. We can only advise on your UK tax obligations. But we may be able to put you in touch with an overseas tax partner who can help you with your obligations in another country.