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How do the subscription plans work?

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My Tax Advisor Logo_orange.png

Choose the level of tax advice and support you need. Plans include 1:1 yearly catch-ups, quarterly or monthly meetings.  Meetings take place via zoom to enable us to screen-share if required. All plans include access to our My Tax Mentor monthly webinar series. 

Calls are booked in 15 minute minimum increments. 

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Concierge Service

Comprehensive oversight of all your accountancy, administrative and tax services. In addition to everything you'd expect from your accountant and tax advisor 


The concierge service includes the following:


  • Direct liaison with your music agent for joined up communications

  • Liaison with our international colleagues to sort all your overseas tax

  • Read only access to all your banking to ensure your fees are paid promptly

  • A1's, Certificates of residency, W8BEN's? Leave the form filling to us

  • Collection and processing of your PPL, MCPS, PRS and overseas royalty information

  • Partner agencies for PA and travel services as well as financial and pension advice.

And of course, Annual Accounts, UK tax return filing, Companies House compliance and VAT filing

This is a bespoke service and we are limited in the number of clients we can work with in this way so please contact us for an initial chat to see if we'd be a good fit!

My Tax Mentor

This is an interactive monthly webinar series focusing on the tax issues that affect musicians. It is a continuation of the regular tax series we present at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Offering more depth, a greater variety of topics and a chance to interact with us during the webinar, this is a perfect complement to young musicians establishing their careers as well as those who just want to know a bit more about tax and the music industry.

All webinars are recorded and available to listen to again within the subscribers’ area of the website.


We welcome suggestions on topics that are of interest to the musical community so please do get in touch to let us know what you'd like to talk about!  


We believe this is a unique resource for musicians to get specialist tax advice specifically focused on their profession. 

Subscription to this service is £10 + VAT per month with a 50% discount for music students.  


Our 1 : 1 support options
face to face meetings via Zoom

My Tax Counsellor


This service is perfect for those who just want to ask the occasional tax question using the short 15 minute bookings slots or you can bundle your time to review  a tax query in more depth.


It works really well in combination with our annual accountancy and tax return service but you are welcome to subscribe to this support service as a stand alone option and use it to enable you to develop the confidence to submit your own self-assessment tax return to HMRC.

My Tax Pal



Every month

Up to 60 mins of tax advisory time

Valid until canceled

Perfect for occasional ad-hoc tax questions

Free access to My Tax Mentor Webinars - usually £12 monthly

Great top-up to My Tax Mentor webinars

15 minute minimum booking increments

Valid for 1 year

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My Tax Coach


This is the one for those of you who want a more regular check in.


It was originally conceived as a support package to enable our existing clients to submit quarterly MTD-ITSA * returns and while the pressing need for this option has receded, we know a huge part of our value to clients lies in this ongoing support and consultancy role. 

*  Making Tax Digital for Income Tax, is the government mandated initiative, initially due in 2024 but s now been postponed until 2026. 

My Tax Coach



Every month

Up to 120 mins of tax advisory time

Valid until canceled

Perfect for a regular keeping in touch with your tax

Free access to My Tax Mentor Webinars - usually £12 monthly

15 minute minimum booking increments

Valid for 1 year

Use this support to help you file your own tax return

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My Tax Guru


This service is for individuals with more complex advisory requirements, such as international or residency issues and/or those with ongoing business advice requirements. 

NOT a musician yourself but you 


This package is ideal as  a retainer to enable music agencies or managers to have access to their own industry-specific tax specialist -  available on demand!

My Tax Guru



Every month

Up to 5 hours of tax advisory time

Valid until canceled

Use this if you have more complex tax advice requirements

Free access to My Tax Mentor Webinars - usually £12 monthly

Screen-sharing support with tax documents and forms

30 minute minimum booking increments

Valid for 1 year

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