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What We Do

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We offer clear, jargon-free, confidential advice from qualified and licensed tax professionals. .

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A face-to-face online consultation will resolve your question; give you a hand with the form you are trying to complete and save you hours of valuable time.

Tax sorted, hassle free.

We started My Tax Advisor after noticing how many "quick questions" were being asked of us by friends and relatives.


We were also getting regular requests to act as accountants for young freelancers for whom the cost of annual accountancy is disproportionate to their income.

And so the desire to create an accessible, affordable and easy solution to tax queries was born.

Tax legislation is a constantly evolving and requires specialist knowledge in an ever- changing world. Sorting your tax directly with HMRC can be very time consuming and confusing for many; causing untold stress.

We bridge the gap between you and HMRC, giving you simple answers to complicated questions at the right price for you.​

Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner or someone who just needs to understand a particular aspect of their tax obligations, get in touch today. 

We're here to help.

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Areas covered.

We’ll give you the guidance and help fill in the forms

  • Income tax

  • Capital gains tax – particularly UK Property account submissions 

  • Overseas issues

  • Trust and Estate administration

  • COVID support – (SEISS grants, Furlough Scheme, Bounce Back Loans)

  • VAT (especially digital service industries and new issues post-Brexit)

  • Dividends and extracting cash from your small business

  • Corporation tax

  • Business structures and legal entities

Some issues will be too complex to deal with during the recommended My Tax Advisor consultation times. If this is the case, we can refer you to one of our accountancy and taxation business partners. We’ll get you sorted!

Why Choose Us?

Expert Advice

Highly qualified and skilled advisors. Memberships include CIOT, ATT, AAT and STEP affiliate

Value for Money

Value for money when compared to existing tax advisory services. You only pay for the support you actually need

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Time Saving

Access our knowledge. We’ll do the research, saving you hours of time holding on the phone to HMRC

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Clear Guidance

We give technical guidance on all HMRC forms, meaning you can continue to prepare and submit your own tax returns

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